My Teaching Style

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” -Chinese Proverb

As a tutor I understand that the needs of my students are as unique and diverse as the person. Therefore before meeting for our first tutor session I will set up a complimentary meeting where we can discuss individual needs and goals. I begin to tailor individual plans to meet individual learning goals.

I work to create a relaxed and patient environment. My goal is to meet you at whatever educational level you are at and help to elevate you to higher levels of comprehension and ability.

Before each zoom meeting I spend time going over all homework handed into me beforehand. I make detailed notes for you and discuss these changes in our meeting. I often make suggestions and help to point you to ways that will raise your grades in school and help to make you stand out to your teachers.

In addition to homework assistance I also help my students to prepare for college years by helping them acquire the skills needed to excel in college. It is never too soon to get ready for college. With proper note taking skills and reading/writing skills my students will find themselves ready to take on college and excel in the process.

Call or email today for your personalized tutoring plan.

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