About My Services

“Critical thinking and curiosity are the key to creativity.”

Thought Services include analyzing, think tank, creative solutions, research, writing, and creative development.

Tutoring Services specialize in history, research and writing development, and homework assistance.

Past Work Experiences

Commodity Analysis: Grains Public Speaking: Best Study Practices, Self-Sustainment Practices, Overcoming Domestic Abuse, Meditation Practices Geopolitical Analysis Blog Writer/Influencer Editor : Editing of essays through college level; Editing of blogs Voice Narration Essay Development: Helping others develop thoughts, ideas and sound structures for essays Brainstorming for start-up businesses, first steps Motivator Construct Personalized Homeschooling Learning… Continue reading Past Work Experiences

Thought Consultant

“Together, we can climb mountains.” As a Thought Consultant I offer my clients a variety of uniquely tailored services that are as individual and unique as my clients and their needs. Consulting may include, but are not limited to: analyzing, think tank, brainstorming, research, writing, media production, and creative solutions. We live in changing world… Continue reading Thought Consultant

What I Tutor

I focus my tutor sessions to maximize critical thought development. This entails a focus on reading, analysis and writing development. Types of Tutorages: Private/Public School Students: History, Writing, General homework assistance, strategies for comprehensive studying, preparation for college success College Student: Paper Writing/Editing, College Applications and Personal Statements Adults: Research, Writing, Help Returning to School… Continue reading What I Tutor

Why Hire an Online Tutor?

Support on Demand. An online tutor can give you the support needed to thrive in school, work or life. Whether it be live online sessions, email communication, or google doc interaction, your tutor can be there to assist you on a convenient platform.  With one-on-one help online, a tutor can directly connect with you in real… Continue reading Why Hire an Online Tutor?

How Meetings Work

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” -Albert Einstein All tutoring plans are tailored to your individual needs. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss needs and together we will develop a personalized plan. Live sessions: are currently conducted on Zoom. The duration of sessions… Continue reading How Meetings Work

My Teaching Style

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” -Chinese Proverb As a tutor I understand that the needs of my students are as unique and diverse as the person. Therefore before meeting for our first tutor session I will set up a complimentary meeting where we can discuss individual needs and goals. I… Continue reading My Teaching Style