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Education and learning is a personally unique experience. What we learn, how we learn and how we process information differs for us all. As a private tutor my aim is to meet you at whatever level you are and help elevate you the next level.

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What I Tutor

I focus my tutor sessions to maximize critical thought development. This entails a focus on reading, analysis and writing development. Types of Tutorages: Private/Public School Students: History, Writing, General homework assistance, strategies for comprehensive studying, preparation for college success College Student: Paper Writing/Editing, College Applications and Personal Statements Adults: Research, Writing, Help Returning to School… Continue reading What I Tutor

Why Hire an Online Tutor?

Support on Demand. An online tutor can give you the support needed to thrive in school, work or life. Whether it be live online sessions, email communication, or google doc interaction, your tutor can be there to assist you on a convenient platform.¬†¬†With one-on-one help online, a tutor can directly connect with you in real… Continue reading Why Hire an Online Tutor?

How Meetings Work

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” -Albert Einstein All tutoring plans are tailored to your individual needs. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss needs and together we will develop a personalized plan. Live sessions: are currently conducted on Zoom. The duration of sessions… Continue reading How Meetings Work

Sharon has a talent for analysis, methodical exploration, and synthesizing large amounts of research into well-crafted and well-researched short response papers and longer essays” -Kara Ritzheimer, Associate Professor, Oregon State University

Her leadership in my class proved to me she will bring out the best in all her teachers, peers, and future students.” – Linda Marie Richards, PhD History of Science, Oregon State University

Her presence elevated our discussions and challenged classmates to bring their best selves to our online learning environment” -Lorenzo Triburgo, Oregon State University