What I Tutor

I focus my tutor sessions to maximize critical thought development. This entails a focus on reading, analysis and writing development.

Types of Tutorages:

  • Private/Public School Students: History, Writing, General homework assistance, strategies for comprehensive studying, preparation for college success
  • College Student: Paper Writing/Editing, College Applications and Personal Statements
  • Adults: Research, Writing, Help Returning to School
  • Reading Development: Includes an emphasize on word understanding and reflections that draw connections to greater world significance
  • Creative Writing Development: Let’s create a story together. I ask pointed questions and allow the story to unfold as the student’s imagination likes. This is meant to reinforce a fun and creative way to engage in the writing process, while making a story unique to the person. Students will experience the new ways to express themselves and their life experiences through story and written words.
  • Content Development

All tutoring sessions are individually tailored in order to meet the unique needs of my students. They can combine online live sessions, emails, or google doc back and forth.

Tutor/work sessions are paid for in advance and can be used as needed. There are no expiration dates for paid sessions. Payments can be made via cash, check, Zelle, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Credit Card. All sales are final and no refunds available. Live sessions are conducted via Zoom, so please ensure you have a stable internet connection.

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