Why Hire an Online Tutor?

Support on Demand. An online tutor can give you the support needed to thrive in school, work or life. Whether it be live online sessions, email communication, or google doc interaction, your tutor can be there to assist you on a convenient platform.  With one-on-one help online, a tutor can directly connect with you in real time through one of several interconnected technologies.  Services can include weekly meetings or offer on-demand assistance as needed throughout the year – individualized assistance whenever needed.  

Convenience. The best part of having an online tutor is that it is only a click away. There is no travel time required to reach your tutor, only internet access and a reliable computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  This is highly beneficial in a world where there just never seems to be enough time to get things done.  While advance bookings are always preferred, I am also available on the spot for those last-minute assignments or questions that come up. 

Access. Online tutoring is identical to face to face tutoring, with the exception that instead of meeting over a desk we meet over a computer with access to stellar virtual technologies, such as whiteboard, shared screen, or shared documents.   

Stay on Track. A tutor can offer follow up and encouragement during off times to ensure a regular connection with learning and tasks. Your tutor can keep track of progress and development and offer strategies for reaching next level work. Collaborated work spaces can help ensure a deeper dive into intellectual thought, reading and writing development – resulting in long lasting benefits through school, life and beyond.

Goals. A common goal of online tutoring is to improve grades and study habits. Good grades allow for better access to higher quality schools and scholarship opportunities. Other goals may include preparing for upper grade levels, improving skills, gaining college readiness, and building self-confidence. Tutoring can also greatly improve writing and reading comprehension. It can provide a constructive sound board to bounce off ideas and theories. It can also provide a guide for people considering going to, or reentering, the college system. A tutor can help you explore different ways to obtain your life goals.

When a tutor might not work. Tutoring may not work when unrealistic expectations are anticipated, such as perfect grades or rarely achieved high standardized test scores. Online tutoring serves as a partnership where both the tutor and the student commit to achieving the goals set out at the beginning of their tutoring session. Students must be engaged in the learning process and open to the learning process.

Make the most of the session.  Tutoring sessions go quick and in order to make the most out of each minute, work is encouraged to be submitted prior to the session for advanced preparation in the event there is a specific assignment in need of completing. During the session a tutor can help work through areas of confusion, brainstorming of ideas, and project development and improvement.   

Elementary Online Tutoring. Elementary school is a time for students to understand the basics in reading, writing and math.  An online tutor can ensure that the student stays on track, while also helping to build the foundation that will be needed for future learning. A tutor can help students master concepts and help them get through homework, quizzes and tests more successfully. An online tutor can also be an important element that helps to build their self-confidence and concentration skills. 

Middle School Tutoring. Students in Middle School face increased academic responsibilities of tests, quizzes, reading and writing assignments. A tutor can help improve the student’s ability, improve note-taking and better prepare them through test preparation. This will not only be beneficial in high school but also in college.

High School Online Tutoring.  High school is an extremely important time for students, as their GPA and coursework can affect which colleges will become accessible to them after high school.  Many students begin to feel pressure from the amount of homework, tests, and pressure of upcoming life choices. Proper study skills, note-taking, and organizational skills are vital to help smooth the process for the student. Tutors can be influential in helping to set goals, prepare for college, and unblock many of the problems that come along the way.

Adult Online Tutor. Education extends beyond the classroom and is something that can be explored across a lifetime. Whether its a desire to become a better researcher, writer, or maybe even a desire to return back to school, a tutor can help offer a smoother transition. A tutor can offer many insights, new perspectives, and help you become technologically savory in navigating online school platforms.

About Thoughts with Sharon. When you hire through Thoughts with Sharon you get personalized and in-depth tutoring directly with me, Sharon. I am a small company who provides in-depth and high-quality tutoring. I earned my B.A. degree in history from Oregon State University, where I earned top honors. I am well versed in online school platforms and my liberal arts degree gives me a well grounded knowledge across disciplines. My tutoring specializes in history and writing development, with an emphasis on critical reading, thought and research development.  I love producing high quality essays that are comprehensive, fully articulate, clear and precise. I am a tutor, a writer, a teacher, a mother, and a lifelong learner.